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The ridingschool has closed the doors during 2013-2014,
but some private riding lessons are still available on
two horses during the summer 2014 at Sääksjärvi stables.
From autumn Grixie will move nearer Mäntsälä city,
(Nummistentie, Kuivanen stable) and is serving some
private customers.

Riding lesssons and training at your own place will be
my new engagement, so just  pick up your phone
and give me a call if you are interested!

Also weekendcourses and training for competition is
on the schedule – You have to tell me what kind of
courses You are interested in and I`ll give You an offer!
And especially if there is need to have some help
with a young horse – I`ll be there!

Years of education and experience is not to
been thrown away, so don´t hesitate to contact
if You have any kind on problem with your horse!

My best regards ,


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